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Debra Rowand CPA – Tax Preparation Process Step 1: Information Gathering

  Tax paperwork is easy when
you can just drop it off

Make an appointment to visit our office for a face-to-face meeting, or if you prefer, simply drop off your paperwork. You can also e-mail the appropriate documents and records to us at or send them via fax to 253-639-2690. If you decide to schedule a meeting, you are welcome and encouraged to bring your bookkeeper.

The information and documentation you provide will be carefully reviewed to make sure it is complete, and to verify that all the appropriate deductions have been claimed. You will be notified if any additional paperwork is needed. That can sometimes be the case when we discover additional deductions you may be entitled to, with the proper documentation. This is a step in which records that are well-organized can make a big difference.

Any questions you have about any aspect of the preparation of your return will be answered completely, in a way you can understand. You can depend on Debra Rowand CPA for responsive, friendly small-business tax preparation services.

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