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Debra Rowand CPA – Tax Preparation Process

  Your small business taxes deserve the personal attention you'll get from Debra Rowand CPA

Hi Debra,
I think the primary reasons we do business with you is your in-depth knowledge of tax law and accounting, your highly effective professionalism and your attention to our needs as a client. You are consistently on top of the changes to tax laws and are able to ensure that we as clients are able to understand how these apply to our tax situation. Bottom line, we pay only the taxes we should.
Your focus on quality ensures that not only are our taxes completed correctly, but that we are able to make informed, timely decisions regarding our real estate investments, our business and our personal finances throughout the year.  The planning guide you provide is a big help and we spend less time with our taxes each year and have a high level of confidence and trust in both you and your processes.
Also, and maybe this is the best part, both you and Trish are also just a real joy to work with! Whoever thought taxes could be fun?
Jim Sabuda

Taxes can be stressful enough under the best circumstances, so we try to make the process as convenient as possible. You can meet with us in person or simply drop off the forms, records, and other documents we'll need. A face-to-face meeting has the advantage of giving us the chance to more fully understand your business to help us make sure you’re getting every deduction you're entitled to, and to make sure the documentation is complete. You can also e-mail or fax us your files or paperwork.

If you believe you have many unusual transactions or have other issues that may require extra time, please mention that when you contact us to make your appointment. We'll make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

After your return has been prepared, it will be reviewed for completeness. We can make arrangements to e-mail you a draft copy of the return to give you the chance to review it before it's finalized. When the final return is completed, the filing copies are matched with pre-addressed envelopes for your signature. Your copy will be bound with the supporting documentation for your files.

Here are a few points to keep in mind to help the process go more smoothly:

  • If your records and receipts are kept manually, for example kept loose in a folder or box, some bookkeeping will be required to sort through and organize the documents. The more organized you can be, the better.
  • For business bookkeeping, we'll need a reconciled trial balance in which total debits equal total credits, and cash balances agree with the reconciled cash balances at year end. Other balance sheet items, such as accounts receivable and accounts payable must equal the detailed listing of receivables or payables at year-end, and equity accounts should be reconciled to the equity reported on the prior year's balance sheet. If you need help with any of these, we're happy to provide bookkeeping services.
  • If it's the first time we have prepared your return, and you'd like an estimate of the cost, please contact us. It is easiest if you have last year's return on hand when we talk, so we'll know what schedules were filed with your last return.

In a nutshell, the preparation process can be broken down into three easy steps:

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