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Debra Rowand CPA Exit Planning Services

Choose Your Successor, Name Your Price – Exit by Design, Not by Default

That's what an exit plan can make possible. If you're wondering when is the best time to start your exit-planning process, the answer is: when you buy or start your business. But don't worry if that opportunity has already passed. It's not too late to begin. We can help you make sure your business interest will be liquidated in the manner you think is best, rather than in a chaotic, forced process that could result in a significant loss in value.

There are really only four ways to transfer your business interest:

  • Transfer ownership to your heirs
  • Sell to other owners or employees
  • Sell to a third party
  • Liquidate it in an orderly way

Trying to work out the best approach on your own could prove to be expensive. Turn to the experienced experts at Debra Rowand CPA and save yourself time and expense. We'll work with you to select the approach that's best for you, and help you sort out priorities so professional services don't get duplicated.

The Right Exit Strategy Should Be Part of Your Business Plan

Your exit strategy can affect important decisions you'll make about how you develop your business. Get the help of seasoned small-business specialists who can help you sort out such complex issues as wealth preservation, contingency planning, and income tax, estate, and gifting regulations. Find out ways to improve key business ratios that influence the value of your business. Improving these ratios can be incorporated into the short-term goals and objectives of your business and fine-tuned during the exit-planning process.

Contact Debra Rowand CPA to find out how you can benefit from an effective exit strategy.
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